What am I planting this year?

Much like Minnesotans are always talking about the weather, gardeners are always talking about what they are planting or have planted. So here is what I have planned for the year!

I will have to admit that I may have went a little overboard with the mail order catalogs this year. Spring fever hit me in a bad way back in February and a little catalog retail therapy seemed to be the answer at the time. I’m sure there will be many more plants bought this spring at the greenhouses!

jung seed logoFrom Jung Seed Company:

1. Jersey Supreme Hybrid Asparagus – my Dad would be proud; he has probably a half a football field worth of asparagus!

2. Heritage Everbearing Raspberry – started a patch of these last year, but about 3/4th of them were lost due to the drought and my inability to keep up with the watering 😦

3. Flemish Beauty Pear – I have enough room, so am able to order the ‘standard’ size rather than dwarf.

4. Hardy Wisconsin Pear – Again went with the ‘standard’ size. Says fruit stores well, which  is a plus.

5. Swenson Red, Edelweiss, and Fredonia Grapes – Sold as the Red, White, and Blue Offer. I chose this trio because Swenson Red & Edelweiss are grapes released from the University of Minnesota!

6. Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherry – as a kid I remember picking and eating Ground Cherries right in the garden.

7. Cactus Hybrid Zinnia – this trial packet came with my order.

gurneys logoFrom Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Co.:

1. Sugar Pearls Apricot – Is it bad that I pretty much ordered this tree because its name sounds so good?

2. Harlayne Apricot – This tree is the recommended pollinator for Sugar Pearls.

3. Contender Peach – recommended for northern growers and we are limited for Peach options in Zone 4.

4. Reliance Peach – listed as a canning variety.

5. Ka-Bluey Blueberry – Pretty much I ordered this type of Blueberry because its picture looked awesome in the catalog. Talk about the most un-thought, un-scientific reason for picking a variety!

6. McIntosh Apple – these are my favorite type of apple!

7. American Flag Leek – thought I’d try planting Leek seeds this year.

8. Banana Peppers – I love Banana Peppers on my Subway – so gonna grow my own.

9. Roma Tomatoes – Hoping to can my own Spaghetti sauce again this year and Roma is a good variety for sauces.

10. Beefsteak Tomatoes – these are really big, flavorful tomatoes!

11. Shallots – going to give shallots a try for fun.

& More!

1. Kale – Dwarf Blue Curled Vates – wanted a dwarf variety.

2. Impatiens – Flavours Hybrid Mix – I had plans to buy a whole flat of impatiens, but decided growing my own was a more economical choice.

3. Sweet Pepper – Chinese Giant – these look really tasty.


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